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1999 f150 2wd

I have changed the rotor, inner and outer bearings, and the brake shoes look pretty good. My truck still shakes when I stop, it acts like bad rotors, but they are new.

Have you checked for something like worn tie rod ends/ball joints?


I have turned plenty of new rotors that were warped.

Check of tie rods & ball joints is a must.

You also need to check the rotor-hub mating surface. Even small amounts if debris there will keep the rotor from seating evenly on the hub. Also use a torque wrench on the lugs & torque to spec.

I assume you’re talking about the front (and pads rather than shoes). Don’t ignore the rear.

Cig’s right. As are also Tester and Pete.

And when you replace rotors or shoes, you should clean the preservative coating off the surface with brake cleaner. Did you do this?

If you are going to do your own brakes, at some point you are going to have to buy a dial indicator and a magnetic stand / mount…As Cig pointed out, your truck has 4 brakes, not just two…