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1999 dodge grand caravan

At 140000 miles the automatic transmission stopped working. I started you a hill and the van stopped, but the motor runs fine. Are there any sensors that would make it do this? And will hooking a scanner to it tell me anything?

This is unlikely to be a sensor problem. If the Transmission Control Module loses access to sensor information it shuts down and the transmission reverts to ‘limp home’ mode which I believe is Second and Reverse only. Hooking up a scanner might tell you something but it will probably be the obvious ‘gear ratio incorrect’.

The first thing to check is the fluid level and condition (check for acrid smell). The next step would be a check of the line pressure to check the condition of the pump. If you are feeling lucky, you might go with a pan drop and filter change. The debris in the pan might be a clue as to what failed.

Hope that helps.

The first check that is always done is to see if the automatic transmission has any fluid in it.

I have checked the fluid, it looks good and no burnt smell. This is my sister’s van and it’s not at my home to check every thing. The scanner gives a code of PO700 they said it’s a Trans Contol Sys malfunction. I did put it in gear it moved forward but would not move in reverse. I did not move it much since I did not have help to tow it back if I had to. Could this be a sensor or an internal problem?