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1999 Dodge Caravan Oil Type?


I need to find out the type of oil it is best to use in a V6, 3.3L Dodge Caravan. The dealership didn’t give me an owners manual when I bought it. Tonight it stalled out at a light and the oil is really low so I think that is the problem.


Engine oil, multi-grade 5-30 or 10-30 will do. Now that will refill the oil, but would not fix the car. You need to know why is it low on oil and why did it stall. If the engine stalls because of low oil, then it would not run for much longer even if you bring the oil level where it should be.

I assume that any relationship between the low oil and the stalling are on the secondary or tertiary levels. The plugs may be fouled due to oil, but the low oil in itself should not have caused it to stall.

Add oil as needed and get it changed as soon as practical. If conditions are severe enough the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT (CEL) should remain illuminated until reset by a scan tool or the condition has remedied itself to the engine computer’s satisfaction.

As said, a 5w-30 or 10w-30 would be the oil of choice. This can be altered later if the consumption proves to be higher than expected.

Some vehicles have cutouts for the fuel pump to protect the engine from destruction due to low oil. The cutout disables the fuel pump circuit if there’s a loss of oil pressure. My '72 Vega had such a cutout. I don’t know if they were used on Caravans, but perhaps one of the posters with access to a maintainence database could check.

In short, it’s a longshot but possible that the low oil level caused a loss of pressure that caused the fuel pump to shut down and the engine to stall. But it’s a guarantee that if you don’t begin to check and maintain your oil level your engine is not destined for a long healthy life.

Immediately put some oil in this vehicle and do not drive it until you do! Or you will have far worse problems. You can probably use any 5W30 or 10W30 oil in this.