1999 Dodge 3500 Van Squeaking Noise from Front Wheel

I’ve been noticing a squeaking/squealing from the left front wheel. Usually, but not always, when making left turns. Sometimes when going straight, but never on right turns. Also it comes and goes. When it is present, and I slow down to a stop, it sounds like rubber on rubber, but at 15-20 mph it is very high pitched.
I repacked the bearings and replaced the front brakes 4000 miles ago.
Just jacked the front end up, turned the wheels to the left and right, and rotated the wheel by hand. Nothing rubbing, and no noise. New tires, and nothing shows they have been rubbing.
Did notice that the wheel didn’t spin real easily, but not sure if that’s normal.
Could it be a sticking caliper? Doesn’t seem to be related to applying the brakes, the noise usually remains. Or possibly I tightened the bearing nut too much? Doesn’t seem likely, I’ve done bearings many times, but who knows.

If you did not use a torque wrench, it is definitely not right. Many times you can hear a wheel bearing failure with a stethoscope.

A torque wrench isn’t used when installing tapered roller bearings.

The bearings are pre-loaded when they’re installed.

Was that done?


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It does sound like the OP possibly over tightened the wheel bearings @Tester.

Oops, I looked up the part and seen the assembly and thought they were sealed bearings. Knowing that this size vehicle would use tapered is common sense. I just posted too hastily.

Bearings were preloaded. I could try backing off the nut by one flat.

Thats a real possibility if the caliper is sticking especially on a 20 year old vehicule.This is a video of my car with the squeeking noise due to a sticking caliper.I replaced it and all is good now.

It’s likely too late to back off the spindle nut to correct the problem. @Sciencemagic1. You need to remove the hub, pull out the bearings and inspect them and the races and replace all that show any indication of damage.



The noise is very similar, but much louder. Seems strange that it only happens when turning left. I’ll compare the freedom of rotation with the right wheel, and also pull the left wheel off and see if the brakes are dragging.
Calipers are one year old remanufactured from Auto Zone.
I can change out the wheel bearings, but not for a couple of weeks.

Pulled off the caliper. Didn’t seem stuck. The lower anti-rattle clip was loose. Bought a new hardware kit and brake grease and installed new clips. So far the noise hasn’t returned. So it was either the loose clip, or else I freed up the caliper by taking it off. I’ll report back in a week or two.
Thanks for all the advice! This is a great board!