1999 Daewoo Leganza



I just bought this car from a lady who bought it for her son but he doesn’t want it. It drove fine and had minor problems that I didn’t mind getting fixed or doing myself.

Took it home and a couple hours later I couldn’t get it to start. It was turning over but not catching. When I drive it doesn’t speed up very well. Help!!!


What kind of minor problems?

Do you mean by “when you drive it…” that it eventually starts?

The car needs compression, spark, and fuel delivery to run. First thing first, pull off a spark plug wire and stick something metal in it. Holding the rubber part, hold the metal thing near a metal part of your car and have someone turn the key. If you see a big spark jump across the gap, you’ve probably got spark and its a fuel or compression problem.

Sounds to me like its probably a fuel problem (sparks’s just easiest to check for). If it were me, the next step would be to get the fuel pressure checked.

The poor accelleration symptom is kind of vague-- I wouldn’t expect this car to accellerate all that well in the first place. Did it misfire at all while doing so? The more specific you can be about the symptoms, the better the response you will get here.