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1999 cougar compression


Hi well I was driving south on I-75 my car started making this noise off and on I thought it was overheating or needed oil ,oil was fine waited a little bit started driving then started louder noise and lost compression it just kept going slower till it died then now I have it towed ,does it sound like oil pump?I just had cams and timing chain repaired last October ,the linkages of chain had fell and plugged oil pan but I assumed was cleaned good . Thank You

Posted by: shaymirror

Do you mean that you lost power when you wrote “lost compression”. Compression has a specific meaning wrt to internal combustion engines.

The engine started making a noise, lost power, and died. Did it run out of gas?

what sort of noise was it making? was it ticking? was it knocking?
How do you know you lost compression?
have you tested the compression on all of the cylinders?
did any warning lights come on before it died?
did it start missing when it died?

For a non-Ford guy what engine are we talking about? A overhead cam V-8? Plugged oil pan? you mean plugged the pick-up screen on the oil pump? I would like to figure this out for you.

This was the latest attempt to revive the Cougar name. It was an FWD sports coupe with either a 2.0L four or 2.5L V6 engine.

Why do you waste everyones’ time by posting a problem, and not answering anyone’s questions?