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1999 Corolla Won't start - and then it will!

Hi, A month ago, my car wouldn’t start (has new battery) just clicks and the engine lights light up. I waited a few minutes and it started. I took it in to Toyota and they couldn’t find anything wrong. this happened several times over the past month. Sunday, it wouldn’t start, and even after waiting and trying several times, over ten minutes, it still wouldn’t start. I had to take a cab to the events of the day. Today I tried again, just to be sure if I’d have to have it towed, and it started right up! I can’t afford not to count on my car starting. Does anyone have any info I can relate to the Toyota guys? Thanks!

If the battery and battery connections are good, my guess is that it’s the starter solenoid contacts. They often wear out on Toyotas after 10+ years. Your mechanic can either replace them (they’re available from the dealer parts dept) or put in a replacement starter.

thanks, now I have something concrete to ask about!!!