1999 chevy suburban turn signals

1999 suburban, towed a trailer this past weekend. after disconnecting the trailer, turn signals not working. Everything else is, brake lights, hazards, etc…

I thought it might be the turn signal flasher relay, so changed it out… still not working. All fuses are good.

Anyone have any idea??

That seems a bit strange.

Any problems with the plug-in at the back of the truck?

Were the trailer and trucks’ turn signals operating properly when it was hooked together?

Any problems with the signal stalk?

Check out the wiring running to the trailer harness, make sure there aren’t wires rubbing against the frame. Had this happen on a 94 K1500 Blazer; taped up the errant wires and problem solved.

trailers lights were functioning the whole weekend. Had my daughter trailing me most of the weekend, and I asked her if they were working when I noticed my blinkers not.

What is the signal stalk?

will take a look to see what I can find… thanks

thanks for the info… ended up being a fuse I missed somewhere when I was checking them…

Turn signal lever.