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1999 Chevy Cavalier Reading Hotter at Very Low Speeds

I have a '99 Chevy Cavalier (94,000 mi.). Lately I’ve noticed that the engine indicator (which normally sits right in the center of the gauge) goes to about the 3/4 position when stuck in traffic, looking for a parking place, at the drive through, etc…It goes back to the 1/2 mark when I get going again.

Is this something to be concerned about or indicative of a particular problem?

It’s making me nervous because I’ve had the car for a couple of years and it has never behaved like this before.

FYI, it has already had the valve cover gasket and head gaskets replaced (along with a new water pump and thermostat).

Check to see if the radiator cooling fan kicks on when the temperature rises.


You are a very good example of a car owner who is paying attention. When your gagues start showing values that you have never seen before this should not be ignored,good job.

And you are correct in suspecting some connection with your recent (was it recent work) Was that headgaskets or headgasket? Was the Z-24 a V-6 Cavalier?. Have you mentioned this change to your mechanic? A recheck of pretty much everything under the hood should be made (including as stated, electric fan function) Do the easy stuff first (check the coolant level,if low find out why)