Chevy acts like it is starving in the heat

My 99 Chevy Cavalier has been in the shop and the mechanic could find nothing wrong with it. On a hot day it will start to jerk while driving down the road. Had fuel pump checked out and it is staying steady, changed the fuel filter…put foil around places that gas line is close to the exhaust. Still having the problem. It is a 1999 Chevy Cavalier, 2.2 engine, 5 speed, 130,000 miles on it. I have only had to change the clutch, starter and basic maintenance stuff is all that I have had to do to it. Sure would like some opinions here as I was recommended to try this site for an answer.

I am going to guess it is the ignition coil getting too hot or old.

Joseph, This is one of the other ones I put in here about my car, I really appreciate your help with this. Another person told me to even try the oxygen sensor but wouldn’t that send a signal to my “brain” in the car so there would be a code? Check engine light does not come on which is why everyone is so confused.