1999 Chevrolet Lumina EGR

I had EGR vale put on my car it is 1999 lumina v6 3.1L 2 year’s ago and now I had another EGR put on today and they had to clean it was stopped up can you tell what makes it stop up. Thanks

carbon buildup is quite common

When the engine starts burning oil.


That valve opens up when the engine is loaded (accelerations, going uphill) to allow a little of the exhaust gas to pass into the engine intake. This cools off the engine’s internal parts a little, which is good if you want a long lasting engine. It’s a wonder those valves work at all if you think about it, as they have to open and close a variable amount to meter a precise amount of exhaust gas into the engine intake. And exhaust gas is nasty stuff even w/a perfectly running new engine. As the engine ages and wear and tear takes place the exhaust gas gets even more contaminated with oil and the like, and over time that tends to gunk up the precise passages in the EGR valve. How often this problem occurs depends on the engine design in part. I’ve never had to replace the EGR valve in my 25+ year old Corolla, but on my 45+ year old Ford truck I’ve had to replace it 3 or 4 times. Always due to it being clogged up w/carbon deposits.