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1999 323i BWM Convertible - intermittant starting problems

Having intermittent starting problem where key will not start engine (no noise/no click.) All electric (door/windows/roof/panel) work fine. Not reproducible at will. Car can stay “dead” from 1/2 hour to multiple days, then start. Doesn’t matter if car was recently started or not. Weather not a factor either.

Mechanic suggested bad key or bad computer. Have original & 2 years old key. Same intermittant results. Purchasing a new key to try - but since issue is intermittent may take a while to know if this is a resolution…

Does the key control the whole car? And is it possible that I may need a new computer ($3500+). Can’t a computer be rebooted?

Any other suggestions for things to look at??

Do you have a manual or automatic transmission? If you have an automatic: The next time this happens just shift to “neutral” and see if it starts. If it does just see a good mechanic and get the neutral safety switch replaced. If you have a manual shift tranny then the neutral safety switch is on the clutch.

Automatic. Should have said - I have tried this. It did not work…