1998 VW Jetta door replacement

The car is a 1998 VW Jetta, excellent condition, 74000 miles.

Due to hit and run accident I recently had to have my rear driver door replaced, State Farm allowed for a replacement door, of similar function and quality (not a real VW door). On first glance the door looked fine but after closer inspection I notice that the replacement back door is about 1/4 taller compared to the front door and that the gap around the door itself is wider that normal, expecially toward the bottom and back. It appears to be aligned as the door trim is at the right location to match the front door trim. It seems to shut and lock properly. I am concerned that this difference could cause problems down the road or if I try to sell in the future the door would lower the tradein/resale price. I haven’t taken it through the car wash yet, but plan to to make sure it doesn’t leak. Had anyone had experience with this? Any advice will be helpful.