1998 Volvo S70 known radiator issues?

I love Volvo’s. My spouse drives the brand new ones, and I drive the used older ones because I just love them. However, I had a 98 S70 last year that was running well, and then the radiator began to malfunction. So, instead of paying the steep price to repair it, I just bought another used one. Now, after driving the other used one, a 1998, now the radiator is again malfunctioning. Have you heard anything about the radiators on Volvo’s going bad after several years?

Several??? This car is 20 years old! ANY 20 year old car that develops radiator problems deserves a new radiator especially if the coolant has not been changed every 5 years.

The radiator for this car lists at less than $100 from a number of aftermarket suppliers. Would probably cost another $100 to install. Did you buy a another car just to avoid a $200 repair bill?

I wrote for advice and I get a Mr. Smartbutt. I was hoping to get a subject
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Last time I go to Car Talk.

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My advice still stands. A 20 year old radiator that has failed has not done so after “several” years

I also noticed you didn’t answer my questions and the response reads like it was typed by a Millennial of 27 years age, not 27 years of military service.

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First of all the term several years does not apply to these old vehicles. Any make can have problems after that much time.
Asking if you really replaced a vehicle just because of a radiator is a valid question. I own a Volvo and I would never tell anyone to buy a used one.
This is a Forum , so basically you get what you pay for and you are being too sensitive .