Radiator replacement


I inherited my Grandfather’s 1990 Chevy S-10 w/ 42,000 miles on it 4 years ago. It now has 80,000. It has been garaged and carefully maintained all along. My radiator recently started leaking and I’ve been told I need it replaced. Does this seem right? I thought radiator’s lasted a long time. I live in a moderate climate and only drive to the bus stop and grocery store.


Well, it did last 17 years. Regardless of the reason, if it’s leaking it needs to be repaired or replaced, probably replaced.


Radiators do last a long time – ten years easy. But if yours is leaking then it must be replaced. Nothing else to do; avoid home remedies.


I buy all my replacement radiators from 1-800-RAD-IATOr. They ship overnight if they don’t have a warehouse in your area. Reasonable prices. Never had one leak yet.


How long do you want the radiator to last? It was installed in 1990. It has ALREADY lasted a long time (17 years). Now it needs to be replaced.


Don’t even question it. It needs replacing.


That radiator was probably built, along with the rest of the truck in 1989, so it’s about time for it to go.
18 years is a pretty good lifespan.