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1998 Toyota RAV4 - Newly hesitant

I have a 1998 rav4 awd 2.0 litre automatic transmission. Noticed for months now the hesitation upon acceleration from a stop position. Seems worst when the car sits out overnight and sometimes it hesitates worst in reverse if the car sits out overnight. Runs down the road fine but needs a muffler.

When the engine is started cold, there are four primary inputs into the computer.

These are the crankshaft position sensor, the coolant temp sensor, the MAP/MAF sensor, and the Throttle Position Sensor.,1998,rav4,2.0l+l4,1317533,fuel+&+air,throttle+position+sensor+(tps),5136

That could be what’s causing the hesitation.


Ok…been wondering if the TPS is the problem…are they worth cleaning instead of replacing? Also, I noticed when I brought this problem in before to two different mechanics they replaced the plug wires and/or plugs and it ran without hesitation for a while then the problem started back up again. Would spraying water over the coil or plug wires generate the same hesitation at idle that I experience driving from a dead stop and could it be a suspect coil?