1998 range rover 4.6HSE

for the past couple months my range rover has been difficult to start, til someone recently showed me a technique… usually it would take about 15 trys to start it, now if it wont start off the first turn, i go to the gas tank and take the cap off and then the car immediately starts… anyone have any clue why? by the way no check engine light appears!

Please describe in more detail what happens.
Understand that none of us is present there, leaning over the Range Rovers’ engine bay, when you try to start it. The more details you include the better the suggestions will be.

Details about car: History, what kind of tranny, current mileage, maintenance done so far, etc, etc, etc…

Even if there is no MIL on, you should still take it to get it scanned. Sometimes a code is stored, even without the Check Engine being lit. Most autoparts stores (Autozone, Oreily’s, etc) will do it for free. Post the code here.