Hesitating 1998 Land Rover Discovery

hesitates on acceleration between 1700 and 2200 rpm. replaced MAS, cleaned TPS. some improvement after cleaning TPS.
After sitting for a day or 2 it will start right up and run pretty well. Turn engine off then return 20-30 minutes later it is harder to start and runs really rough. Will put it on the road and some times it will smooth out and run better, other times it will barely run, backfires. Have replaced FTS.

Any check engine light? please post error codes plus how many miles on the engine and what engine it is. We sometimes get non-US posters with engines we can’t get in the US.

Suspecting the MAF and the TPS seems like a good start. hmmm …

  • Test the TPS using LR’s test procedure. Usually it is just measuring the resistance vs angle and comparing it to a chart, and verifying it changes smoothly as a function of angle and doesn’t jump around.

  • The symptom where it is hard to start and run rough after starting on heat soak could be caused by a faulty fuel pump or fuel pump check valve, leaky injector, or problematic crank position sensor. I’m not sure what the FTS is.