1998 Pon tiac Sunfire

Car occasionally fails to start or will start and immediately die. Engine turns over, spark plugs are getting spark, but engine either won’t catch or will start and immediately die.

Spray some starter fluid into the intake & see if that makes a difference. If that gets it to fire even a little bit then you need to worry about fuel pressure. This will require a gauge.

When these events do happen, will it eventually start & run? If so, try priming up the fuel system - turn the key to on (no cranking - just dash lights); wait a few seconds; off; back on; wait a few; back on; off…and do that about 7-8 times & then try. If this helps it would indicate a bad check valve at the fuel pump (means you replace the fuel pump).

Thanks, I’ll pass these suggestions on to my daughter, whose car this is, and my mechanic.