1998 Plymouth Neon Check Engine Light Problem

The port facing forward with the large check valve attached is for the HVAC controls but it only affects the recirc. function, the other controls are cable operated.

I found the hose that connects to the top, it was stuffed under the battery, and I checked for any damage to it before reconnecting it, and I didn’t see any holes or problems. I replaced the Camshaft Position Sensor and a hose I found broken, and when I went to start the car, it started up right away. I haven’t put in the crankshaft position sensor yet, do any of you believe I should do it anyway? Also, do you know if that means the fuel pump or fuel filter is alright, or should I replace them anyway?

This is just a question I thought I would ask you all, do you think that the reason why the vehicle feels like it hesitates while accelerating and causes the light to come on at 60 mph and above is because the throttle position sensor is going out?

Have you tested the fuel pressure yet? That would be next on my list.

I tested the fuel pressure and it registered at 50 PSI