1998 Olds 88 Front Left Vibration


My 98 Olds 88 Vibrates at 55 mph and over. I took it to Dobbs and they replaced both front axles. This did not work. Dobbs also looked at the wheel bearings and that was not the cause of it. Dobbs also said that everything that would normally cause a vibration like that looks normal. After all of that, I call carX and the guy on the phone suggested a transmission problem. How likely would it be the transmission and what in the transmission would cause a harmonic vibration in only the left front tire at 55 mph plus?

98 olds 88

161,000 miles

Tires look fine and are balanced

Everything else looks normal

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The lower ball joint and both the tie rod and the tie rod end should be inspected.


Just for fun, try rotating the front tyres, left to right.


I forgot to add that when you turn right the vibration goes away and when you turn left it gets worse. Sorry I forgot that information. Thanks for the speedy replies.



The new information that you supplied certainly makes a CV joint sound suspect–even thought the axles were replaced. It is possible to get defective replacement parts. And, as was already suggested, the tie rod ends should certainly be checked, along with ball joints.


I’s suggest you start by having the wheels checked using a “road force balancing”. This applies simulated road forces to the wheel while it’s spinning and can detect internal tire problems that regular balancing cannot. Not all shops have these machines.

Other possibilities include struts and all articulated joints including CV joints. A vibration to one wheel could be caused also by a bad engine/tranny mount if the one on that side was broken and allowing vibration. Often that would cause additional symptons such as a thunking noise when accelerating, but it needs to be ruled out via inspection.