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1998 Nissan stops during hot weather but instantly restarts

In hot weather, after hard driving for an hour or more, usually (but not always) with a/c running, the engine on my 1998 Almera (a/k/a N15 or Pulsar) stops. The idiot lights come on and if the radio or CD player was on, it shuts off. I can immediately shift to neutral, turn the key, and the engine restarts almost instantaneously, with no difficulty. (I’ve gotten quite good at this, and can restart the car within a couple seconds, even while I’m coasting as a result of the original engine shutoff.)
No matter how hard I drive the car, the problem happens ONLY in hot weather. I’ve had the beast worked on by competent Nissan mechanics, but no one has been able to figure out the cause.

How many miles on this rig?


Where is the driving computer located? Under the hood or in the cabin?

Did you check fuel pump?

Over the last couple years, when the problem began:
Fuel pump was checked.
Distributor was replaced (twice).
Belts were replaced.
Other tweaks and replacements were tried.
Nothing worked for very long.
Three weeks ago we replaced the coil.
It’s in the 90s here, constantly, (we live in a mixed desert-mini-mountain area), and so far, the coil replacement seems to be working (although simply by writing this comment I’ve probably jinxed that).
We’ll see . . .
Thanks for your interest.