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1998 Nissan Pathfinder - trouble with cruise control, starting after driving

There are a couple of things going on with my car, that the mechanic can’t seem to figure out. First is that the cruise control quit suddenly. Fuses are fine and no other explanations. Secondly, after driving it for a while and then sitting for anywhere from 30 minutes or more, it won’t start. Radio and lights will work but not a sound when I try to fire it up. Alternator checks out fine as does the battery. The starter was questionable so I had it replaced but it still does the same thing. My previous car did the same thing and a different mechanic found it had a vapor lock - I think it was in the fuel line. New mechanic says that’s not it. What else could be causing these problems? Thank you!

Many times heat increases the resistance in a bad connection or bad cable. Check both battery cables, both ends for corrosion and good connection. While cranking, put a voltmeter on pos battery terminal to pos starter terminal. If you see a .5 volts or higher, Replace cable. Same when you test from neg battery terminal to starter case.