1997 Pathfinder Intermittent Starting Problems

I’ve got an interesting problem with my 1997 Nissan Pathfinder. Occasionally, seems most common when it is very warm out, it won’t start. I know it isn’t the battery because am hour or a day later, it’ll start up just fine. (I also know because to be double sure, I replaced the battery.)

I’ve tried and tried to find a pattern to what makes it not start, but I can’t find one.

More information: When it is acting up, I can hear the relay under the dashboard click when I turn the key, but I can’t hear the solenoid in the starter click (as I might if the battery were dead).

Please help!



It’s something electrical that doesn’t like the heat. Starter relay or starter.

This is something you’ll have to trace with a volt meter. Clean the battery terminals too.