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1998 Nissan Pathfinder dies while driving - has been sitting in the shop now for 9 weeks

My 1998 Nissan Pathfinder dies randomly while driving. There is no consistency to when it dies. I will be driving down the road and then all of a sudden the car will not accelerate and it eventually dies. The other issue is it won’t start from time to time. It sounds like it wants to go, but it won’t. Eventually it will turn over. It has been to many mechanics. The crank shaft sensor has been replaced and the mass air flow sensor. Neither one of these were the problem. They now think it is the distributor possibly. There are no codes saved. Any help anyone can give it would be greatly appreciated. It has been sitting at the shop now for 9 weeks.

Take it to another shop. They sound like they are just replacing parts (AT YOUR EXPENSE) and hoping they’ll solve the problem.

They first have to determine is it Electric or a gas starvation problem.

They way it died…doesn’t sound like the timing belt broke…but there’s a chance they it could have slipped a tooth. Usually they’ll break before they slip a tooth.