1998 Nissan Maxima 5 speed road noise issue

Just bought this car and it is soooooo full of pep! Quick on the upstart! However, the car has mis-matched tires, and cheap ones at that. Will the road noise be lessened a great deal if I buy new tires that match? It is the less expensive, GLX model, and may just be noisy either way.

My 2 Maximas had some road noise, but tires can really change that. Look at www.tirerack.com for info on tires, noise levels, etc.

In addition to road noise decreasing, you will probably see improvement in overall handling. Bite the bullet and buy the tires.

I’ve been driving a 97 Maxima GXE for almost 9 years, and it now has 121k miles on it. (It’s been a great car, or I wouldn’t have kept it around that long.) While there is some road noise associated with the car, it can also vary with tire type. Currently I’ve got a set of Yokohama Avid TRZ tires which are reasonably quiet, plus great performers dry or wet. I would advise you to spend the money and get a good set of matching tires. With a good set of tires, you will probably be more satisfied with the car.