1998 Mazda timing belt

When does a 1998 Mazda need a timing belt? I has 88K miles on it.

60k miles Federal

105k miles (CA & MA)

Forget the mileage you likely have passed the age limit if original factory part. IEven if you had 10k miles on its due by time. Rubber parts break down over time and timing belts are one of them.

I think it has been done. I am buying a 1998 Mazda with 88K miles. The car seems to be in mint condition, so if it was due at 60K… I am pretty sure it was done. I have no way of checking the service history. The current owner has taken really good care of it in the 1-1/2 years he has owned it.

Thank you to all for your input… this helped me make the decision to buy it.

The Gates company makes timing belts, and other belts. Their website: www.gates.com lists shows if there is likely damage to the engine if the timing belt “goes”. On Mazda, the Milenia 2.3L engine is an “interference fit engine” which would be internally damaged by timing belt slippage. The other Mazda engines aren’t listed as “interference fit” engines. So, if the Mazda you are buying doesn’t have the 2.3L engine, you may win the bet with youself that the engine won’t suffer damage from a slipped timing belt. I wouldn’t take the gamble. You’ll do as you wish, of course.