1992 Mazda Miata Timing belt time

1992 Miata with 45000 miles. Should timing belt be changed before recommended 60000 miles just because of age. Other belts have no cracks and all other rubber looks good.

It is quite possible that you should be on your 3rd timing belt. Those are changed at a certain number of miles or a certain number of months . I think you are on borrowed time and if you have the owners manual you can verify that.
Makes me wonder what other service items that are past due.


Mazda recommends changing by miles only, 60k. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have the car looked over in general just because of its age.

Yes, it should be changed by age. 7 years. So you are past due.

Your car is 28 years old. You may well need all new rubber parts, like belts and hoses. Did you just buy the car? What do you know about the maintenance history?

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My 2002 Miata has 52,000 miles and I changed the belt. There is simply no good reason not to except you don’t want to spend the money. Age is no friend of flexible things like this, and if you change it you can pick the day and time and you will be only a little inconvenienced. If it breaks while you are accelerating into afternoon traffic on your favorite highway you will be more inconvenienced.