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1998 Mazda protege hit a bump and now won't start

I was driving along and hit a small bump and car shut down. Now it won’t start, cranks but just won’t start. Have checked the fuel pump relay, all fuses, spark and all okay. Fuel pump not turning on but power to harness for fuel pump. Jumped fuel pump and it comes right on but still car won’t start. Replaced fuel pump and still won’t start. Fuel pump still not turning on when turn key on and car cranks but will not start. Got it to turn over briefly with starter fluid but died right away. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated.

By getting it to start, you’ve pretty much ruled out the secondary ignition system, IMO

A word about the fuel pump . . . if the pcm doesn’t see a valid signal from the crankshaft position sensor, the fuel pump will not be energized

I’d see if the crank sensor is still correctly plugged in . . . I mention that because you said you hit a bump and the car shut down

The sensor itself might still be bad, though