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1998 Lincoln Town Car vibration at high speed

High speed vibration perhaps, but not necessarily, related to transmission moving to overdrive


How about a LOT more information . . .

At what vehicle speed?

On the freeway?

Steering wheel vibrating?

The entire vehicle is vibrating?

Hey ho:

90 to 120 kph – on freeway or secondary road. It presents in the steering wheel, but passengers notice. The Linc only has 90,000 km (55,000 miles) on it. Had the tires balanced and alignment done, and mechanic advises front end is tight. Leaving me to think that it may be in the drivetrain.


Any bent rims . . . ?

Interesting question. I will have my mechanic check – they are factory mag wheels.

The problem is annoying because this car should float quietly and smoothly at freeway speeds. sigh


Find someone with a Hunter GSP9700 balance machine. Have them tell you what the RoadForce values are. I’ll bet they are over 30 pounds.

If you think it is the overdrive, can you use d3, or some other button to turn off overdrive and test it out?

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