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1998 Lincoln Town Car - Does not like the cold

My 1998 Lincoln town car with 84,000 miles on it starts immediately until it gets really cold outside. And then it wants to flood and it’s hard to start. Anybody else have this issue? And what is the cure for this?

If the engine floods, just hold the accelerator firmly to the floor while cranking. That will shut off the incoming fuel.

I think I would have the engine temp sensor checked. This is the one that senses the temp of the engine and tells the computer how to set the fuel ratio. Not the sensor for the temp gauge, but the one for the engine. If that is not reading correctly, starting can be very hard when its cool.

How do I know? Some years ago, son’s car dropped an alternator Sat. night and we couldn’t get another one until Sunday. While putting it in on the side of the road, I broke the top off the temp sensor. It was very hard to start again but finally did. When we got it home I replaced the sensor and all was well again. Not freezing but a cool cool fall morning after sitting over night.