1998 Jeep Wrangler - Squeals

my 98 jeep wrangler has 99000 miles on it. i replaced the fan belt about 6 months ago. 4 weeks ago the belt would squeal about 10-15 seconds after starting in the morning. now it does not squeal in the morning but in the afternoon when leaving work. what could be done to stop this/

Try re-tightening the belt.


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I think a 98 Wrangler has an automatic tensioner. Maybe not, though.

Does the belt squeal with and without the AC on (if equipped)?

not sure. will see tomorrow.

I ran into this on my sons 98 Wrangler. Replace the belt with a high quality belt, Gates or similar.

We put a lot of time and effort trying to figure it out, turned out the belt was the problem

Thanks. I’ll try that. The belt on now came fromNAPA.

Thanks. That’s worth a try.

yes. it squeals both ways.