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1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee: would a sway bar have kept me from hydroplaning?

The bushings on sway bar were broken so sway bar was removed. I ended up hydroplanning on highway and crashed. Would it less likely have done that if had sway bar?

I’m not sure if it would have been less likely, but I’m going to guess that speed and/or tires were more of a contributing factor to hydroplaning than the sway bar or lack thereof

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Hydroplaning happens because there is too much water on the road for the tire’s tread to evacuate. Either the water was too deep, you were going too fast or your tires were too worn down to clear the water. Seems like all these 3 were on you.

Once you started to slide, the swaybar may have come into play IF you tried to turn the car for some reason. Turning is a poor choice to make when the car is hydroplaning and the only time the swaybar comes into play. Chalk up one more responsibility to the driver. Maybe the crash would not have happened WITH the swaybar, impossible to say since you didn’t describe the accident.

Why was the swaybar removed rather than to just replace the bushings? Who approved that? You? Add one more to the responsibility list for whoever chose not to pay to fix the car properly.

Am I being a little harsh? Maybe, but personal responsibility goes a long way with me and this smells like an attempt to sue someone not as responsible for this accident as the driver.

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