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1998 honda crv won't start in humid weather

my wife’s 98 crv won’t start 1 out or 100 times, only durring very humid conditions. (we live next to a river and some mornings it is very humid.) Once it starts it runs great. When it wont start it cranks over but wont fire. No lights are on. It has a new cap and plugs. Any ideas?

New plug wires would have been at the top of my list. How old are those wires?

How old is the air filter?

I agree with JEM. The plug wires are the usual culprit. This problem is as common as dirt with most engines.

I forgot to mention new plug wires from dealer 2 months ago,

new air filter also

A moisture-related starting problem is most likely to be in the high voltage portion of the ignition system.
I hate to make guesses, but the coil is probably the only thing left to try.