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1998 honda accord lx, 160,000 miles

i live in the northeast and my honda that i bought used several years ago has been stalling while driving just in the last month and a half. it usually happens after the car has been sitting in the hot sun all day. with in a mile or so of driving the engine stalls. pull over and it starts back up. i checked and found a tsb about this and a problem is with the ignition switch. i called honda and they said the switch was replaced but on the tsb it indicates that a punch mark should be placed over a number in the vin in the engine compartment. the punch mark is not there. should i believe honda and look elsewhere for the problem?

Did you call Honda or your local Honda dealer?

i called honda, they told me the switch had been replaced, i mention the problem of not seeing the punch mark but that didn’t change there response.

Any Check Engine Lights on?

Does it seem like it’s running out of gas or cutting out quicker than that?

If you think it’s gas, I’d try a new fuel pump relay, $40 at RockAuto,carcode,1315603,parttype,3380

no, when engine cuts out the tach and speedometer go to zero and the odometer goes blank.

its a quite car and with the radio on i didn’t even notice when it cut out. i had it shutting off in the driveway when i got it home. i’d restart it the engine would start then as soon as i backed the key to the run position it cut out. after a couple times and a brief pause it stayed running.

Sounds like the ignition switch (again…maybe).