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1998 Grand Jeep Cherokee keeps fallling dead

I recently put new plugs,wires, and a coil ignition part on there and it’s still falling dead. The mechanic stated it cud be the air filter.

It would be helpful if you gave a better description of the problem. Does the engine die while driving? Does it start right back up again? If it does, then the trouble is most likely due to an electrical problem of some sort. It could be from an intermittent engine sensor or in the ignition area or power to it. There may be a problem with the fuel pump relay also. I doubt very much that replacing the air filter will solve this trouble but if it is dirty it should be replaced anyways. Replacing the fuel filter is a good idea also if it is real old.

I’d find a new mechanic if his best idea for an engine that stalls is an air filter. We’ll need to know much more info on the vehicle before we can provide ideas such as mileage, engine type, and a complete description of how and where the engine dies.