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1998 gmc safari

I have 1998 GMC Safari new fuel pump new distributor cap and rotor new fuel relay and fuel filter I’m having problems starting it after it’s rained or when it’s raining and when I get it started its severe engine sputtering can someone please help me

How 'bout new spark plug wires?,1998,safari,4.3l+v6,1305065,ignition,spark+plug+wire+set,7224


Wires are less than 1 year. And it was running fine till this moisture problem. It starts and runs fine when no rain

Then it might be a bad coil.,1998,safari,4.3l+v6,1305065,ignition,ignition+coil,7060


Guess I’ll have to change the coil. Thank you

And misfiring during wet weather is a classic symptom of bad wires. Go outside at night when it’s raining, start the car. If it’s sputtering, open the hood and look for Blue flashes on or near the distributor cap and plug wires, sometimes you won’t see flashes but simply a blue aura. If you see either, that’s a confirmation that you need new wires

You don’t have to wait for it to start sputtering. When it’s dark, start it and take a spray bottle of water and mist the engine, especially around wires and coil. Where you see any illumination is where the problem lies.

I sprayed engine with water from open good. When water hit passenger side top of engine it died. Is what my problem and what is there. Could not see cause of dark and not a mechanic

I don’t know what that means.
But misting is not saturating. Did you use a spray bottle and mist the engine?