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1998 Ford Ranger -diagnosing AC problem

The refrigerant was recently replaced on the truck because I got tired of enduring summer days in Texas with the a/c not working. However, since it was replaced, the a/c hasn’t been working consistently. Usually, when it’s really hot or I’ve been driving for more than 30 minutes, it goes from working to pumping out hot air.

I took it to the same shop that replaced the refrigerant on a cooler day, and the a/c happened to be working. The main mechanic said they couldn’t fix the a/c unless it stopped working. So, my questions are these: 1 What’s wrong with the a/c? and 2. How do I fix it?

From what you described, it’s possible that the A/C system was overfilled and has too much pressure in it. When the high side pressure gets too high (which can be caused by high ambient temps), it shuts down the A/C compressor and you lose cold air. You need to have the system checked on a hot day I’m afraid. If it’s overfilled, it’s an easy fix. Hope that’s it.