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1998 Ford F-150 - Which order to work on suspension?

Hi I have a 1998 f150 4x4 and I’m replacing the upper and lower control arms, the stabilizer bar bushings, the stabilizer links, and shocks all around. Question: should I replace one side at a time or can I do both sides (passenger/driver) at the same time because of the stabilizer bar bushings? Also, in what order should I do the repair…uppers, lowers, link, bushings??


Remove all the old parts, and install the new parts.

In what order is up to you.


Good question… personally i like to do one side and then the other.

In this instance I would uncouple the stabilizer bar etc so it doesnt hamper you on the other side and make you think you need to do both sides at same time etc.

Just unhook it and proceed any way u like afterward


The fact that you’re not sure about this means you should do it one side at a time so you have something to look at for reference.


But do both on the same weekend! Don’t be driving around with a half-done job. Might be a problem.


HAHAHA no…I have replaced the engine and the manual transmission in this truck so I’m perfectly capable of turning a wrench. I just haven’t done much suspension work over the decades so I though I would ask…and my Haynes manual is a bit general.