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1998 chrysler sebring front wheel fell off. WTF!

I was driving my sebring and everything felt just fine and all of the sudden it felt like i ran over like ten dogs and it was like bumpbumpbump and then my car just stopped, and i got out and the front wheel was disconnected from my car and some pipe thing behind my tire looked like it fell off too. does anyone know what happened and about how much it costs to fix? my steering has also been feeling very stiff lately does that have anything to do withit?

Yes, I would say the “stiff” steering you were feeling was a warning that something was wrong, and it’s connected to the wheel falling off, or whatever it did.

Without being able to see the car it’s impossible to guess what might have failed, or how much repairs will cost.

I have to ask, why did you ignore the “stiff” steering? Didn’t you think it just might, maybe, be unsafe or dangerous to have “stiff” steering.

I don’t know what happened, but a '98 Sebring should not be having this sort of problem. Is there some crash damage in the past you’re not telling us about?

Sounds like a lower ball joint broke and it’s impossible to guess how much it will cost to fix without actually inspecting the damage.
It’s also possible the stiff steering was caused by this and it was trying to tell you something.

Since the odds of a good ball joint spontaneously breaking are near zero this means there had to have been signs for quite a while and you either were not aware of those signs or chose to ignore them…
This is why the suspension should be inspected on a regular basis and you’re lucky you slid to a halt rather than suffer a roll-over.

S— happens!

Like I think something broke, like a ball joint or something. Like whatever happened probably could have been avoided by having like the underside of the car periodically safety inspected.

You need like an estimate for repairs. Nobody can tell what it will cost without seeing it. It might cost like ten times the cost of catching the problem earlier.

The stiff steering was like Mother Nature’s way of screaming her head off for attention.

WTF means you

“Wode the car Too Far”


I hope wherever you took this car to get fixed realized that the part that failed was under recall. The same thing happened to our '98 Sebring. We had it towed to a Chrysler dealer, and they fixed everything–even structural damage–for free. If you had to pay, dig out your receipts, contact Chrysler, and they should reimburse you. They told us that if we had another mechanic fix it, they would reimburse for the cost!