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1998 Chevrolet S10 Pickup Jerry Rigged

Hi! I just purchased a 98 Chevy S10 Pickup from a private seller and I started smelling gas. I just discovered that the seller jerry rigged it…can anyone tell me what part I need replaced? I took it to a mechanic but he didn’t find it at all…basicly I’m shelling out money everywhere with no results. Here is a photo where the leak is coming from…I’ll try to reply to my own topic to show additional photos.

I think I’m seeing the dampness from gasoline leaking, but I’m not seeing the jury rigging. Are you sure it is Mickey Moused?

Rigged what? You don’t say and the picture shows what looks like a fuel pressure regulator wet with some type of liquid. Does that help?

If that IS the problem, you’ve got some seriously inept mechanics in your area.


I thought drywall screws and/or duct tape could fix anything.

It did! Somebody bought it, eh?

No it’s duct tape and WD-40, drywall screws are for the advanced DIYers only.

Looks like the vacuum reference for the pressure regulator or a fuel return line… can’t tell from the picture. You still need better mechanics. If a real pro had seen that, he’d fixed it right away.