1998 Cadillac Eldorado oil leak


I’ve got oil leak. Worse when started in morning. Northstar engine. Tried Lucas, Blue Devil. Help!


So you poured stop-leak into the engine as a first try? And as a second try? Well you can see how that isn’t working for you!

You tried to go cheap and it didn’t work, now you need to do it correctly if you want the leak fixed.

Find the leak and replace the gasket or seal that is leaking. There are UV dyes that can be added to the oil to help you find the leak. Start by cleaning the engine with a high pressure wash at the area of the leak. Pour in the dye and drive the car. Look for wet oily spots with a UV flashlight. Trace it back to the gasket or seal and fix it. Accept the fact that is might not be cheap or easy.


Thanks for the insight. You’re absolutely right.



Stop leak products may, or may not, help to stop or slow down an oil leak due to a rubberized seal.

They won’t do anything for gaskets such as valve covers, oil pans, and so on.

North Star motor has oil cooler lines that go into radiator. The fitting block for them on motor has o-ring seals that leak. Oil pressure sender can leak. Two piece lower block case half will leak. Valve covers? Not so much. But they can leak. You need to find leak.