1998 Buick Lasabre will not start

It has happened twice while cranking the engine over. the engine was not running. The time I got it to start was after the second time it locked

Don’t EVER get anything automotive parts that are even remotely electrical from Autozone

the failure rate is astronomically high

I’ve seen countless guys try autozone parts and give up on the brand, after discovering that anything even remotely electrical in nature . . . whether it’s ignition, emission, or what have you . . . is rolling the dice, if you’re talking about autozone store brand parts

As for those coils and wires . . . do you get a solid engagement when you hook the wires up to the coil towers? I’ve seen a lot of ignition problems caused by poor contact

Are your 5V reference and ground good for that ICM . . . ?!

I know this isn’t very scientific . . . but I think because you’re using autozone parts . . . I assume store brand, until I hear otherwise . . . you can’t assume that ANY of the new parts are actually okay

There are certain brands that I simply don’t trust, and the autozone store brand is one of them. Is it called duralast?

Yes Autozone’s house brand is Duralast

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So i had the ICM tested thursday. it was still good. I am at a loss. Wifes pissed I have to take ‘her’ car to work but doesnt want to spend the money on taking mine to a shop. So yeah I am pretty much screwed on the whole deal.