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1997 Toyota Tacoma Brake Light

I have a 1997 toyota tacoma. The truck runs great. Last year I replaced the front calipers and breakpads. I drive the truck maybe 3,000 miles per year. The issue I have is that the brake light will not turn off. I checked the hand brake and it works fine. The switch on the handbrake is fine too. The really unusual thing is that randomly it will turn off. usually around 30-40MPH or when I have slammed on the brake. The brake fluid is fine. Is there a sensor in the rear on the rear pads that I may need to replace?

Try cleaning the contacts in the brake fluid reservoir to see if that helps.

Thanks. I tired and it did not work. I am wondering if it could be the an ABS sensor that is failining. Oh… Wow my picture was posted upside down. That wa smart.

After looking at some data it appears there is a different warning light for the ABS system. Have you verified that the emergency brake switch is working ok using a test light, meter, or simply disconnecting it to see if the light will turn off?

On my Camry, my brake light comes on with a burnt out bulb. Last time it was the rear window brake light was out.

Thanks for all the comments. Well it turns out to have be way to simple. Cougar’s comments about the contacts got me thinking… Turns out my brake fluid level was 1/2 way between min and max. I filled it up to Max and the light went off… That simple. Thank you.

Good deal. I assumed that the brake fluid level had already been checked for that issue since you said it was fine.