1997 Subaru Outback

I have a 97 Subaru Outback with 156,000 miles that recently went in for a water pump replacement. In addition to the pump, the timing belt was also replaced. Ever since, the check engine light comes on and the mechanic reads the code that says something is misfiring in #2 cylinder. He has put a new coil on and the check engine light came back on. He next changed all 4 plugs, it ran great, but after about ten miles or so the check engine light comes back on. He is stuck. I can’t help but think it has something to do with the new timing belt, as that is when the check engine light began to appear. Perhaps related to this is the fact that my cruise control has also stopped working since the new timing belt was put on. Any ideas?

I would like to add that my mechanic has switched the plug wires as well as fuel injector wires, and even with a different plug, a different wire, or a different fuel injector, the code always registers as misfire in cylinder #2. He is stumped.

This kind of thing is not uncommon for a Soob to do. One thing you might try doing is to run some Seafoam into the intake while reving the engine. There may be some carbon buildup in the engine. Another thing it could be is an over sensitive knock sensor and replacing it may help. Before doing that I would check to see if the timing belt really is in the proper position. It is pretty easy to be a tooth off.

Here is a link to a good Soob site if you need more help.


Thank you for the insights.
It makes sense to me that the timing may be off a titch as I just had the belt replaced.
Is the Seafoam into the intake something I can do? Wher is the intake?
I am fairly handy at things.

Thank you

You can run the Seafoam into the intake which is the airduct that lets air into the engine. The easiest thing to do is find a vacuum hose off the throttle body and disconnect the other end of it. Then put the hose end into the liquid and let the vacuum suck it up while you rev the engine. Use about a half a can.