1997 Sebring convertible. New battery dead each morning

Nothing has been found to be draining it. Chrysler mechanic says have to check it overnight ($130 just to check) as the computer runs all night. Maybe or maybe not they find problem with computer. He didn’t sound too encouraging. Car (98,000 miles) is great otherwise. Is it time for me to dump it?

The computers/modules don’t run all night. They should go to sleep after the vehicle has sat idle for at least an hour.

There my be a module that’s failing to go to sleep once vehicle is turned off, and drawing the battery down as the vehicle sits. Find an auto tech who has expeirience finding a parastic current draw from the battery without disconnecting the battery.

This is sometimes caused from what are called FRED’s Frustrating Rediculous Electronic Devices.


I have had this experience.

  1. Light in glove box not turning off when shut.
  2. CD player running (took 2-3 days to die)
    I would take it to an “auto electric” repair shop.

Can be very hard to find. Like I said before I had this twice. Once turned out to be the door handle that had rusted and was turning on the interior lights intermittantly. The other turned out to be the load leveler module by the rear tire. Only found both by accident and head scratching. I’d at least try the test light and pulling fuses option or pull all the accessory fuses and add them back one at a time night after night until you find the right circuit.

I hate to be, “Mr. Obvious”, but…
Should we assume that the alternator’s output has been checked and found to be normal?