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1997 Saab 900s - Idles rough in drive at stop

I have a 1997 Saab 900s that i love…but it idles very rough to the point the dash vibrates while in drive at a stop. If in park or N, the vibration smooths out… any ideas before i take to dealership? Thanks!

I don’t know your car well, but I would start be asking if you have any CELs (Check Engine Light), how long has it been a problem, when was the last time the air cleaner, spark plugs and wires and fuel filter were replaced (Yea the fuel filter was a trick question. It is not really related, but if you are behind on the other maintenance, you might as well get that done at the same time.

A vacuum leak or an EGR valve stuck open are likely suspects…Forget the Saab dealer unless you feel paying double is worthwhile…