1997 Pontiac Grand AM SE

What will be cheaper replaceing the engine or the timing chain?

Julie, Did Something Break Or Wear Out ? It Is Ordinarily Cheaper To Replace A Timing Chain (Before It Breaks) Than Possibly An Engine After It Breaks.

Waiting until a timing chain breaks can possible cause enough engine damage on some engines and in some instances where an engine replacement should be considered, but sometimes on some engines and in some instances it is still cheaper to replace the chain.

Julie, Did Something Break Or Wear Out ? Why do you ask ? What engine is in this Pontiac ? Please elaborate.


I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand AM SE and my timing chain broke! I think it is the original factory engine (not really sure what pontiac uses) The mechanic that I took it to said my engine will have to be replaced I’m trying to “fix” the car with out spend over a grand on it.

Did you know most people on this board don’t believe timing chains can fail? Instead, they believe that they last the life of the engine.

At this point, all that can be done is install a new timing chain set, and then perform a leak down test on the engine. This will indicate if damage was done to the engine.


ok cool thanks

That’s what they told me too when I had a chain go-car was shot, needs new engine. I towed it home and spent the weekend and about $120 putting it back together and ran for another 200,000 miles. Replacing a chain should be under $500 depending on other parts that might also be needed.