1997 Nissan Pickup - infamous hardbody belt squeal

Anyone know about infamous Nissan hardbody belt squeal? I’d like to hear thoughts and solutions

What engine?? What country?

Probably not going to get much response on a 23 year old vehicle.


The belts are loose, tighten them.

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The only thing infamous appears to be the name of the forum:

I had a 97 Hardbody and it did chirp once in a while, but only when the AC was on. I’ve heard others that had the same experience. You do have to keep the belts tight, but it will still chirp every few minutes when the AC is on.

If you are getting long duration squealing, then tighten the belts and if that doesn’t work, you have an issue. Start with new belts.

As a follow on, spin the pulleys while the belts are off to see if any have failed bearings.

I seriously doubt that “infamous” applies in these cases. More like worn or glazed belts, dragging or worn pulleys, etc and that is not a car design fault.

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