1997 Nissan Pathfinder engine makes a noise after car's turned off

have a noise coming from engine after the car is off. it stays on until battery is dead

Hi @hamletganja could you tell us a bit more about the problem? How long have you had it? Any other info about your car?

If you open the hood, what do you see? Is the engine running?

What does the noise sound like? Where is it coming from?

If you put on the brakes and put the car in gear, does the noise stop?

Something electrical is running and discharging the battery.

Some 50+ years ago I had a car that when you turned it off, the generator ran, like an electric motor. Yes, generator, not alternator. The car was an old one, maybe a 1956 Ford or ca. 1963 Chevy II. I don’t remember the fix - it was something beyond my abilities.

If the original poster is out there, my message is open the hood and look to see if the fans behind the radiator are still running. If they are tell that to your mechanic and they will be able to fix it.